Thor Hushovd’s Biography Sheds Light On Lance Armstrong’s Doping Case

On the 15th of October, 2014- Thor Hushovd (former professional cyclist) launched his biography and he named it- “Thor”. The biography includes a lot of details about cycling and how political corruption and drug abuse has been eating into the very vitals of the cycling’s ruling body.

One essential controversy that has been revealed in the biography is related to Lance Armstrong’s doping case. Thor Hushovd claims that Armstrong had confessed to doping in the year 2011.

When Armstrong admitted to doping in front of him, he felt extremely disappointed. He had always respected Armstrong, but he really could not believe it when Armstrong opened up and said that he doped. To Armstrong, doping did not seem a very big issue.

Thor Hushovd even claimed in his biography that he had never doped and was clean.

Hushovd also wrote about another incident in which Norwegian Cycling Federation’s (NFC) head- Dane Steffen Kjærgaard had also confessed to utilizing drugs. He mentioned in his biography that he had thought about Steffen taking drugs as well because Steffen used to ride with Armstrong.

Thor Hushovd is of the opinion that Dane Steffen Kjærgaard should not have become the head of NFC if he was involved in doping.

According to Hushovd, UCI (International Cycling Union) had been hiding positive drug results in order to protect cycling from degeneration. He thinks that positive tests related to Lance Armstrong were hidden so that he could be saved and also so that the sport could be protected. He strongly believes that the entire system has become corrupted.

The cycling legend- Thor Hushovd retired from professional cycling in the month of September this year. In his long and successful cycling career he has won National Road Trial Championships (three times), World Road Race Championship (one time) and Tour de France individual stages (10 times).