Thor Fights Against Asthma And Doping Rules

If you are looking for inspiration from those who fight the odds to do what they are passionate about, look at Thor Hushovd.

Among professional cyclists he is probably someone who can stand to show a guiding light to those who think that their health problems stand as a barrier in the way of them doing what they want to do. He has been diagnosed with asthma and that was way before he decided to become a professional cyclist. He debates about the fact that asthma medicine is offered in cross country races. He has always been into sports, having had an avid passion for skiing when he was young.

Thor talks about his need for asthma medicine and how he was denied the medication as well. It has definitely been a matter of debate where health experts have prescribed limits of performance which need to be shown by professionals in order to be given access to such medicine. Thor talks about how he had to take tests every time at hospitals assigned by the French Cycling Federation. He states how he remembers being asked to showcase improvement in order to be allowed access to the medicine. He remembers a year when he could not get the performance up to the desired level. He could not compete that season. He was also not allowed to use the medicine in 2004 at the Olympics in Athens.

He also talks about the number of rides he has done where he has not had to use medicine. However, there had been days when he experienced seizures and had to keep an asthma spray handy. He also emphasizes that he has followed the dosage prescribed to him by doctors and nothing more. It is definitely a challenge for athletes like him to walk the thin line of health and abiding by the sports authority rules.