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No Other Sport Requires As Much Skill As Mountain Biking According To Marty Daigle

Marty Daigle, one of the presidents of the Southern Outdoor Recreational Biking Association’s Upstate chapter has said that barring the sport of rafting, Mountain Biking is the sport that primarily requires skill. Kelly McRae is another president of the non-profit organisation.

McRay works as a bike mechanic for Sunrift Adventures which is in Travellers rest. Marty Daigle also holds the post of Director of the Pleasant Ridge County Park which is located in Northern Greenville County. Marty Daigle has made significant contributions towards the development of Jorge Francisco Arango trail.

It will be spring season soon and right now is the time to make preparations for it. According to Daigle, the only recreation sport that is growing faster than any other is Mountain Biking. The vice president of Greenville’s Great Escape Bicycle, Jeremy Leifheit is also of the same opinion. Daigle said that danger is one of the intrinsic characteristics of the sport of Mountain Biking. (more…)

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd’s Biography Sheds Light On Lance Armstrong’s Doping Case

On the 15th of October, 2014- Thor Hushovd (former professional cyclist) launched his biography and he named it- “Thor”. The biography includes a lot of details about cycling and how political corruption and drug abuse has been eating into the very vitals of the cycling’s ruling body.

One essential controversy that has been revealed in the biography is related to Lance Armstrong’s doping case. Thor Hushovd claims that Armstrong had confessed to doping in the year 2011.

When Armstrong admitted to doping in front of him, he felt extremely disappointed. He had always respected Armstrong, but he really could not believe it when Armstrong opened up and said that he doped. To Armstrong, doping did not seem a very big issue. (more…)

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd Launches His Autobiography

After retiring earlier this year the cycling star Thor Hushovd has published a biography of his name and has named it “Thor”. The book is a revelation of many events and relationships some that have been part of controversies while some out of the blue.

The book shows how the image of cycling has been formed among people all around because of the corrupt governing body and the issues relating to doping and drug abuse.

The hottest and key revelation of the book has been about the relationship of the player with fellow Lance Armstrong and the doping charges against the same.

He has denied any close relationship with Lance and has said that they just talked when they were racing together. Thor has said that he did not expect that the person he respected despite of being a rival to be so casual about doping and saying that he was not the only one who did it. Thor said that although he wanted to refuse to what he was saying and tell him that he did not dope and there were many who played with the true spirit of game he did not. But he knew that telling him would not make a difference as he believed everyone doped.

Thor has also revealed in the book that the UCI or the governing body for cycling has hidden many positive results of doping just to prevent the sport, which is wrong. He states that the system was inappropriate and corrupted and that Lance’s example just approves it more.

Thor is 36 years old and lives with his wife and two children his career has been of injuries, illness, victories and defeats. He has written about it all in the book. The book provides you with an insight of the sport as well as his life.


Dubai Tour rendered a huge success

The Tour of Dubai has clearly rendered a huge boost to UAE cycling- the impact has been especially strong for the UAE squads who have turned up with excellent performances in 2 stages at the tour.

Spanish rider Francisco Mancebo from Skydive Cycling squad was riding in lead group for Sports Stage & Nature stage. Piluschin (Alexander) headed the group & looked fully in command encompassing 75 kilometer at the Al Madam.

Skydive Dubai was keen to proceediong to the 3rd stage of the Tour & it seemed like the team had been able to overcome the 2nd stage disrupt where Mancebo accidentally took a faulty turn, losing out on vital points and minutes.

“There was very little confusion yesterday during the 2nd sprint. Post the 2nd sprint, we took a faulty turn & lost badly on time”, stated Mancebo. “In Europe, in case we don’t have a close road, we take to that route and I simply followed that practice yet lost out on time. However, today we feel we are well set with a fantastic sprinter & would fight up hard in this championship. I’m a climber & this Dubai racing track seems flat with manageable climbs as per my standards.”

“We are really glad that we are racing along with the professionals this time. It would be a huge boost to UAE cycling in general. It is the 1st race for UAE pro cycling & we are confirmed that our government would be ready to take steps for a further boost.”, noted Majid Balooshi.

UAE squad at Dubai Tour comprises of Majid, Yousif Mirza, Mansoor Balooshi, Mohammed Mansoury, Ahmed Mansoori, Mohammed Murawwi, Aziz Mahedi, Ahmad Qayed & Khaled Tani.

The sixteen squads with 8 cyclists each are formed from eleven UCI Pro cycling teams.


Forthcoming cycling events

Cycling is loved around the world by many people for many reasons; firstly it is just a great way to get outside and enjoy some exercise while seeing the sites around you. But there is also a massive competitive scene within cycling that draws many people to watch and enjoy all the different forms of cycling.

With competition comes people wanting to place bets on who they think will come out victorious and with many of the online betting agencies and online casinos offering great sites that you can use from your own home it’s never been easier to place a bet. (more…)