Comeback Of The Norse God


Comeback Of The Norse God

Thor Hushovd is a professional road bicycle racer belonging to Norway and riding for the BMC Racing Team. He has won the national road race championship three times, one in the current year (2013) itself and the two others were in the years 2004 and 2010. Thor Hushovd was the first Norwegian who led the Tour de France. He was also the first Scandinavian who has bagged the most number of wins in the Grand Tours. Thor Hushovd, with all the victories and successes up his sleeves, is rightly described as the greatest Norwegian Cyclist of all time.

Although the overall performance of the BMC Racing Team in the year 2013 has not been as per the expectations of their fans, given their talent and budget, the team bagged 30 wins altogether from a dozen of various riders. Five of those thirty were World Tour wins. Hushovd scored a stage win, in Europe at The Tour du Haut Var. In the tour of Poland he won two stages. Thor also won Norway’s Arctic Race as well as two stages.

Hushovd is one of the leading riders, among others, whom his team (BMC Racing Team) wants to focus on and hone to bring out the optimum of their strengths. The BMC Racing Team has quite a lot of expectation from Thor Hushovd in The Classics to be held in 2014.

Thor Hushovd, sometimes referred to as the Norse God, suffered from certain health problems for quite some time. But, in the latter half of this year (2013), he was again seen very near to his best form, with quite a number of wins in the Tour de Pologne, The Arctic Race and Tour of Beijing. “Thor is back to where he was. He is really strong again when he showed that in Poland. A good preparation and start to the season and he could be on fire for the Classics”, said Allan Peiper, Performance Director of the BMC Racing Team.


Leezer Extends Belkin contract

The soon to start US Pro Challenge 2013 has recently announced about the coveted jerseys the riders would be vying for in the esteemed championship. According to sources, the race will be coming up with several honors to compete for- jerseys for overall leader, climber, sprinter, most courageous cyclist and best young cyclist. All the jerseys feature catching designs enabling the fans to identify their present leaders throughout the event. The US Pro Challenge will be hosted at Colorado from August 19 to 25, 2013.

This year the US Pro Challenge honor jerseys are launched by a collaborative effort of new and returning partners of the race. The 3 new partners namely, Colorado State University, Clif Bar and FirstBank have joined hands with Nissan and Smashburger to present the award jerseys for the race. Nissan and Smashburger have been with the elite Colorado race since its maiden session in 2011.

Pearl Izumi, the leading sports apparel agency & the official apparel partner of the race since 2011, would be producing the award jerseys. There is the Leader Smashburger Jersey for the cyclist with least cumulative elapsed duration throughout the race. Then, there is the Sprint Cliff Bar jersey for the rider with the maximum bonus points that are offered on the basis of sprint-line performances- and on finishing stage in top fifteen places. Nissan is sponsoring the coveted jersey for the strongest rider. The Colorado race involves the toughest mountainous terrain in pro cycling with higher elevations in comparison to any other cycling races.

FirstBank is reportedly sponsoring the honorable jersey for the most courageous cyclist in the race and the jersey representing best young cyclist is patronized by Colorado State University. “Each of the jerseys carries some special significance & each of partners patronizing it plays a major part in celebrating the amazing athletes, honoring their incredible endeavor on road”, stated Shawn Hunter, the CEO of the Colorado race.


A great win against all odds

When Thor Hushovd found his way to the final ropes of the Tour of Poland in the third stage, this race proved to be the life changer for him. When he was in between the two of his greatest competitors, he knew that this was the time to do or die situation for him.

At the split of a second decision, he made on which took him to the final ropes of this tour. When he was in the second place, he took the split second decision to overtake from the left, which was the least anticipated from him. This took him to victory and the team work was great leading to the winning ropes. (more…)


Thor Hushovd sprints into the lead

BMC Racing’s Thor Hushovd continued his winning runs with a sprint win in the 2nd stage of Arctic Tour of Norway in 2013 that started and ended in Svolvær. The Norwegian winner was brought into the ending straight by his mates at the finish of the 156.5 kilo-meter stage, set up to the line with two hundred meters to go, and ended over a length clear of 2nd spot Tom Van Asbroeck with Marco Haller in 3rd.

Time bonuses on the line suggest that Thor Hushovd took the lead of race to which he is the ambassador. Thor told that he was really very determined to win that day. It means a lot to him to be a winner at a race which he has supported a lot from the beginning. This is the best bike race he has ever taken part in.

The Norwegian champion further added t that he missed out that day because of the positioning but he felt strong that day. The final sprint was quite a chaos but he got a really excellent lead out by Blythe.

When Thor got out of his wheel and started his sprint with two hundred meters to go, he got the feeling that he would be unbeatable. Noone managed to pass him. This was really fantastic for him. People’s support in north of Norway is more than he anticipated. Today, the path showed how magnificent the place is. It could not be a better outcome for him. He expects to be able to hold the leader’s jersey till the very end.