Thor Hushovd’s Biography Sheds Light On Lance Armstrong’s Doping Case

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd’s Biography Sheds Light On Lance Armstrong’s Doping Case

On the 15th of October, 2014- Thor Hushovd (former professional cyclist) launched his biography and he named it- “Thor”. The biography includes a lot of details about cycling and how political corruption and drug abuse has been eating into the very vitals of the cycling’s ruling body.

One essential controversy that has been revealed in the biography is related to Lance Armstrong’s doping case. Thor Hushovd claims that Armstrong had confessed to doping in the year 2011.

When Armstrong admitted to doping in front of him, he felt extremely disappointed. He had always respected Armstrong, but he really could not believe it when Armstrong opened up and said that he doped. To Armstrong, doping did not seem a very big issue. (more…)

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd Launches His Autobiography

After retiring earlier this year the cycling star Thor Hushovd has published a biography of his name and has named it “Thor”. The book is a revelation of many events and relationships some that have been part of controversies while some out of the blue.

The book shows how the image of cycling has been formed among people all around because of the corrupt governing body and the issues relating to doping and drug abuse.

The hottest and key revelation of the book has been about the relationship of the player with fellow Lance Armstrong and the doping charges against the same.

He has denied any close relationship with Lance and has said that they just talked when they were racing together. Thor has said that he did not expect that the person he respected despite of being a rival to be so casual about doping and saying that he was not the only one who did it. Thor said that although he wanted to refuse to what he was saying and tell him that he did not dope and there were many who played with the true spirit of game he did not. But he knew that telling him would not make a difference as he believed everyone doped.

Thor has also revealed in the book that the UCI or the governing body for cycling has hidden many positive results of doping just to prevent the sport, which is wrong. He states that the system was inappropriate and corrupted and that Lance’s example just approves it more.

Thor is 36 years old and lives with his wife and two children his career has been of injuries, illness, victories and defeats. He has written about it all in the book. The book provides you with an insight of the sport as well as his life.


Cycling Might Become A Possible Transport Option In Singapore

Khaw Boon Wan (Singapore’s National Development Minister) strongly believes that cycling has the potential of becoming a possible transport option for the Singapore residents in order to visit places such as the MRT station, hawker center, coffee shop, supermarket etc. This can happen only when efforts are made to make this mode of transportation more pleasant and safe in Singapore.

A blog titled as “4 Wheels Good, 2 Wheels and 2 Feet Even Better” was posted on 22nd of October, 2014 in which Mr. Khaw stated that Singapore has good pavements and pedestrians are always given priority. Therefore the country is quite well-developed in relation to walking.

But according to him, Singapore is not that perfect also. He gave examples of cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam and said that cycling and walking are the most common modes of transportation in these cities. In comparison to these cities, Singapore is way behind.

Cycling occupies only around 1% to 2% of the modes of transportation in Singapore, said Mr. Khaw. Cycling should be viewed as not only a means for recreation but also transportation.

In the blog post, Mr. Khaw also mentioned about the National Cycling Plan according to which 700Km cycling network will be developed in Singapore. By 2015, cycling paths (intra-town) will be created in Bedok, Punggol and Yishun. Eventually, cycling networks will be developed in twenty-six HDB towns so that homes can be connected to MRT stations and other neighborhood areas.

Government of Singapore is also discussing several schemes associated to bike sharing and introducing more educational programs related to safety (for instance the Safe Cycling Programme for Youth).

Mr. Khaw is of the opinion that cycling and walking will benefit the economy, environment, society and individuals in Singapore in the best possible manner. He also added that policies in Singapore have always supported active mobility.


Hushovd Loses Plan Due To Accident

Thor Hushovd, the cyclist of Norway in top for several years is not seeing the World Championship as crowning glory which is up coming. A mighty fall has led him to think over his cycling in the coming events. Instead he has his sight set on local events.

In an interview for the magazine he stated that may be he would think of cycling in Birken. Birkebeiner annual race of cycling draws participation from huge numbers all over the world. Though he had announced his retirement to June, the fall came as shock. The cycling race which is going to take place in Spain this month he had his eyes set on that. Since he had won the Australian championship in 2010 he thought that he had every opportunity to clinch the title again. His career of cycling would have ended with a high note unless for the fall.

In the Tour de Poitou- Charentes n France he suffered due to a mighty fall. It was his hip hitting the asphalt and then the wounds and scars which led Atle Kvalsvoll, his coach to state that all his chances of playing in a vital lap on Sunday had been lost. He does not even have the required training to be able to take part in the World Championship. He does not play only for the sake of it rather he plays so that he can win the game. It has come as a major setback for him.

His last race was in Norway and now he is looking at the local races in his hometown itself. He wants to go on cycling and finish his autobiography which is going to come in October. He however, claims that he is not heartbroken or crestfallen since his career was a shining one.