No Other Sport Requires As Much Skill As Mountain Biking According To Marty Daigle

Marty Daigle, one of the presidents of the Southern Outdoor Recreational Biking Association’s Upstate chapter has said that barring the sport of rafting, Mountain Biking is the sport that primarily requires skill. Kelly McRae is another president of the non-profit organisation.

McRay works as a bike mechanic for Sunrift Adventures which is in Travellers rest. Marty Daigle also holds the post of Director of the Pleasant Ridge County Park which is located in Northern Greenville County. Marty Daigle has made significant contributions towards the development of Jorge Francisco Arango trail.

It will be spring season soon and right now is the time to make preparations for it. According to Daigle, the only recreation sport that is growing faster than any other is Mountain Biking. The vice president of Greenville’s Great Escape Bicycle, Jeremy Leifheit is also of the same opinion. Daigle said that danger is one of the intrinsic characteristics of the sport of Mountain Biking.

He also said that for a Mountain Biker, the most important thing to possess is Skill. One of the sales persons of Great Escape, Josh Boggs, has said that to almost all of the recreational cyclists, the sport is not at all a dangerous one. He also said that for most of the recreational cyclists, two of the most challenging aspects of the sport are Traffic and riding on the right side of the road. He compared it to doing river rafting in Green River, which is located in North Carolina. Though river rafting can be done very easily there but the upper part of the river is regarded as dangerous. Until 1960, rafting was not done there. Every year a race is held at that part and it is only during that time that ordinary people get to watch that part. Like rafting, Mountain Biking too is dangerous and different trails are given different markings to denote how hard they are.