Cycling Might Become A Possible Transport Option In Singapore

Khaw Boon Wan (Singapore’s National Development Minister) strongly believes that cycling has the potential of becoming a possible transport option for the Singapore residents in order to visit places such as the MRT station, hawker center, coffee shop, supermarket etc. This can happen only when efforts are made to make this mode of transportation more pleasant and safe in Singapore.

A blog titled as “4 Wheels Good, 2 Wheels and 2 Feet Even Better” was posted on 22nd of October, 2014 in which Mr. Khaw stated that Singapore has good pavements and pedestrians are always given priority. Therefore the country is quite well-developed in relation to walking.

But according to him, Singapore is not that perfect also. He gave examples of cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam and said that cycling and walking are the most common modes of transportation in these cities. In comparison to these cities, Singapore is way behind.

Cycling occupies only around 1% to 2% of the modes of transportation in Singapore, said Mr. Khaw. Cycling should be viewed as not only a means for recreation but also transportation.

In the blog post, Mr. Khaw also mentioned about the National Cycling Plan according to which 700Km cycling network will be developed in Singapore. By 2015, cycling paths (intra-town) will be created in Bedok, Punggol and Yishun. Eventually, cycling networks will be developed in twenty-six HDB towns so that homes can be connected to MRT stations and other neighborhood areas.

Government of Singapore is also discussing several schemes associated to bike sharing and introducing more educational programs related to safety (for instance the Safe Cycling Programme for Youth).

Mr. Khaw is of the opinion that cycling and walking will benefit the economy, environment, society and individuals in Singapore in the best possible manner. He also added that policies in Singapore have always supported active mobility.