A great win against all odds

When Thor Hushovd found his way to the final ropes of the Tour of Poland in the third stage, this race proved to be the life changer for him. When he was in between the two of his greatest competitors, he knew that this was the time to do or die situation for him.

At the split of a second decision, he made on which took him to the final ropes of this tour. When he was in the second place, he took the split second decision to overtake from the left, which was the least anticipated from him. This took him to victory and the team work was great leading to the winning ropes.

Thor Hushovd proved that the confidence which the team placed in him was in the right direction. This was his third victory in consequence and this is the reason why the confidence in him was growing at a rapid pace, and why punters on Unibet were backing him.

He was putting in all his effort to retain his title of the world championship. With increasing competition after the break, it took a lot of effort and perseverance on his part to reach the final ropes. When he was more than a kilometer from the final position, he also suffered an attack from his fellow cyclist, which did absolutely nothing to deter his confidence.

This was his first victory after 2011 and this was a great confidence booster for him and ensured that it paved a way for further victories. Reaching the home position was a great achievement for him and his team and this victory proved to be a confidence booster for him against all odds. The weather supported him in the first two stages, but the third stage was a great challenge because of the rain. This did not deter his confidence though and took him to the final stages of the race.