The Artic Race of Norway has unveiled the race route across the top of mainland Europe. The stages will begin from Kirkenes in the east to Alta in the west along the coast of Barents Sea and across mountains between the northernmost fishing villages in the world.

The competition is famous among elite cyclists with its worldwide TV coverage. It debuted in 2013 and the race has made its way through northern Norway, north and south of the Artic Circle.

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd Joined American Team

Thor Hushovd the cycling champion of world road race Paris – Norway for next year will ride for the BMC American team. He has signed a contract of two-years with the team on Tuesday.

The announcement in this regards has been made on the website of the American team.

Hushovd, who is now 33-year-old and he has won Tour de France two times and he is the winner of the green jersey in (2005 and 2009).

Hushovd was associated with team Credit Agricole and has spent most of his professional career with the team only. He told about joining America’s team, he said that team clear strategy to win Paris Roubaix classic and I am impressed with their strategies and believe I will fulfill my dream of winning the Paris Roubaix classic with their support.

He said, “American team is a serious team and everything in the team look like well-organized”.

“Team has the clear plans for the riders for all the important and big races. Best part of the team is everyone is aware of their respective duties and responsibilities.” (more…)

Thor Hushovd


Nicolas Roche began his professional cycling career in 2004.

From then until now, he has cycled for about six teams, with BMC Racing being his current team for this season. He has so far been able to forge an illustrious career as a dynamic rider and would need not to reinvent himself at the new team.

Speaking to Cycling News, the rider talked about some of his experiences so far in different phases of his career.

“I’ve been through every single phase, from leading out sprints with Thor Hushovd, to riding in the mountains on my own account, to helping out some of the best riders in the world, to doing a bit of both,” he said.

Roche arrived at BMC after going through a two-year stint with Team Sky, the Grand Tour-winning powerhouse. He noted that apart from the differences in the jerseys of the both team, there are only a few other minor differences between them. (more…)

Thor Hushovd


Former cycling world champion Thor Hushovd has come out to express his sentiments about his wonderful career and his decision to retire from the sport.

Hushovd had initially planned to go into retirement after the World Road Race Championship in Spain.

The cyclist had showed amazing form at the arctic race of Norway where he participated and came second on two stages, two and four. He had believed that he had a good chance at the upcoming world championship.

However, this was not meant to be as an injury dashed any plans he had of representing his country on last time. In a recent statement to journalist, Hushovd had commented about his retirement decision and expressed his opinion on his fluctuating form.

He explained that the time of his retirement where he had to hang his wheels was brought forward by a virus. While his was a tough decision for him, Hushovd is ready to move on. (more…)

Thor Hushovd

Thor Fights Against Asthma And Doping Rules

If you are looking for inspiration from those who fight the odds to do what they are passionate about, look at Thor Hushovd.

Among professional cyclists he is probably someone who can stand to show a guiding light to those who think that their health problems stand as a barrier in the way of them doing what they want to do. He has been diagnosed with asthma and that was way before he decided to become a professional cyclist. He debates about the fact that asthma medicine is offered in cross country races. He has always been into sports, having had an avid passion for skiing when he was young.

Thor talks about his need for asthma medicine and how he was denied the medication as well. It has definitely been a matter of debate where health experts have prescribed limits of performance which need to be shown by professionals in order to be given access to such medicine. Thor talks about how he had to take tests every time at hospitals assigned by the French Cycling Federation. He states how he remembers being asked to showcase improvement in order to be allowed access to the medicine. He remembers a year when he could not get the performance up to the desired level. He could not compete that season. He was also not allowed to use the medicine in 2004 at the Olympics in Athens. (more…)

Thor Hushovd

Overview Of Bicycle Tour 2016

There were close to 200 people, including adults and kids that gathered outside Rema 1000 on 4th June to cycle around Thor Hushovd and Bodo.

Hushovd has been the former champion as far as cycling is concerned. He has many fans and anybody who wished to take part in cycling with him, the cyclist obliged by taking photos and having a chat before starting the race. The cyclist said that it was fun to be able to go on such a tour and there would not have been any better way to promote cycling. Hushovd was glad to see so many people gathering there to ride with him. It did put a smile on his face when he stated this.

Bicycle Tour 2016 is a joint venture between Rema 1000 and Hushovd wherein the cyclist was to visit around 5 cities during the trip. It all ended on 12th of June in Oslo. This was primarily done to charge up Norway for cycling circus which is popularly known as Tour de France which started in this summer. The main organizer was Merchant Kjell Olsen and he showed a lot of excitement even before the tour could start. Olsen from Rema 1000 Stormyra was highly delighted with the fact that Thor successfully organized the trip to north. (more…)